Labour Administration

Labour administration is an area that means a challenge for all companies, and its operation is resource intensive. With our supplementary labour administration services, clients receive support to ensure that the day-to-day preparatory administration can run smoothly and in compliance with the relevant rules.


  • Payroll preparation administration: support for the payroll accounting activities, pre-processing of lost working time, vacation days, absences due to illness. Collecting the input data for and preparing them for payroll accounting.
  • Tasks arising in connection with working time banking system, monitoring the issuance of rest periods and ensuring compliance with the rules of maximum working time.
  • Preparing, updating and modifying of HR personnel materials. Drawing up the documentation necessary for terminations of employment.
  • If required, labour registration tasks, requesting social security and tax identification numbers.
  • Conducting internal audits at regular intervals, making recommendations for eliminating any deficiencies identified.

HR Services

For clients where there is no designated HR department, it may also be necessary to reconcile HR issues, to discuss individual cases, to maintain contact with employees. As a part of our service, we provide a designated consultant to proactively support the strategic decision-making of the internal departments, as well as to answer the everyday questions of employees and to solve problems that arise.

HR contact representation

  • Maintaining contact with employees via the designated channel of communication, to answer everyday questions.
  • Designation of a liaison person between internal financial departments and payroll accounting.
  • Providing opinions with respect to dubious situations, being continuously available for consultation in HR-related questions.

HR Consultancy:

  • Development of HR processes, structural systematisation, overview and due diligence of positions and work organisation, organisational development consultancy.
  • Establishing compensation systems, with the examination of tax and expense consequences, as well as internal policies Creating cafeteria and grade systems.
  • Labour market consultancy, supporting recruitment and selection, from the identification of labour demand needs to implementing the onboarding process.
  • Surveying the needs for, as well as creating internal policies contributing to more efficient operations.
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