19.06.2020. GT Newsletter



The Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) issued a statement concerning the temporary suspension, until 30 September 2020, of the penalties that may be imposed in connection with the mandatory supply of information on invoice data.

As written in an earlier issue of our newsletter, from 1 July 2020, the scope of the invoice data supply obligation to be performed towards the tax authority is extended to include also those invoices with Hungary as the place of performance where the amount of the VAT charged is less than HUF 100 thousand.

With a view to the fact that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, taxpayers encountered difficulties in their preparations for the application of the new rules, until the above date, the tax authority will not impose sanctions on taxpayers who do not perform the data supply obligation or perform them incorrectly.

The suspension of sanctions covers the following obligations:

  • supply of data on incoming invoices with VAT in the amount below HUF 100 thousand charged;
  • supply of data on outgoing invoices with VAT in the amount below HUF 100 thousand charged;
  • supply of data within 4 days on manually issued invoices with VAT in the amount HUF 100 thousand or more, but less than HUF 500 thousand, provided that the supply of data takes place within 5 days after the invoice is issued.

The suspension of the sanctions also extends to taxpayers who already had a data supply obligation under the rules previously in effect, for invoices with a VAT amount of at least HUF 100 thousand.

In case of invoice issuers for whom the data supply is a new obligation, however, it is an important condition that the exemption from the sanctions can only be applied if they had registered in the Online Invoice system of NAV by the date when they issued their first invoice on which data is to be reported.

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