02.09.2020 GT Newsletter

Introducing our HR supplementary services


In addition to traditional payroll accounting activities, Grant Thornton also offers consultancy to clients where the performance of HR activities is not solved by way of internal resources or external service providers. In the course of the above, you receive feedback and support in connection with the compliance of the HR structure used and employment practices followed with the current provisions of law and expectations of authorities.
Our HR supplementary services include the following:

  • Participation in the preparation, updating and modification of HR personnel materials.
  • Assistance, at the end of each accounting period, with payroll activities, as well as with the handling of tasks related to working time banking.
  • Monitoring the issuance of resting time, as well as compliance with the rules applicable to the maximum permitted number of hours of working time.
  • Conducting internal audits at regular intervals, checking full compliance with the statutory requirements, making recommendations for eliminating any deficiencies identified.
  • Providing opinions with respect to dubious situations, being continuously available for consultation in HR-related questions, preparing the necessary documentation for terminations of employment.

We offer the above HR consultancy service in a case-by-case or ongoing form. The purpose of the case-by-case consultancy is to provide support in case of HR-related problems or crisis situations; while the ongoing service consists of continuous professional supervision and support by way of consultancy via telephone, e-mail and in person.

We do hope that we could be at your service with this information. Should you have any further queries, please feel free, to contact us!

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